Sunday, July 13, 2008

I thought about the ghost we left behind

It's July 13th and I already feel like summer is dwindling. When the weather begins to get hot, I like to sleep in the least amount of clothing as possible. I normally opt for a white Hanes and a pair of underwear. This morning, I woke up, practically drenched, wondering what the temperature  could possibly be like outside that was causing me such sunstroke inside. Turns out, my mother, in one of her spells of the chills, turned the thermostat up to 76 degrees in the middle of the night. I've been sitting outside most of today and I can't say this is summer. I ache for my toes to touch the rocks in the backyard and scorch. 

Last night, Emily asserted that it "doesn't feel like summer". I told her it was probably just January with a heat wave. 

I'm not even sure what summer should feel like, but I'm pretty sure it isn't this. Perhaps we're all gloomed with the reality that college or abroad programs are a mere few weeks away, or maybe it's the simple lack of ice cream trucks, sprinklers, hammocks, that are bumming us out. I feel like Rumpelstiltskin. I fell asleep for a little while, and woke up an old, unfamiliar person. That was Rumpelstiltskin, right? I feel drained of my childhood. 

"This is how a package of Hostess cupcakes would sound, I thought, if Hostess cupcakes could speak." 

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