Sunday, July 6, 2008

The start of something new

There's something unexplainably exciting about new things. Crunchy new book pages, the scent of a pair of newly purchased leather boots. We roam this earth looking for an enhanced way to live and it seems as if the newest, the latest material items, are the secret password to our login of, well, happiness, I suppose. 

This blog is no different. It's something new, something exciting. I will exercise the art of repeating my URL in my mind at work today. It will surge endorphins through my blood. I am hoping that within a matter of weeks my new black MacBook's keys are worn down to white flimsy squares, and I will not be able to produce enough words per-second to satisfy my bloggy-writing-hunger. Sadly though, I am a modern day underachiever. In my perfect world, people would begin scrapbooks and never finish them, mix the flour with the water with the yeast, and never let the bread rise, or maybe paint only half of their room. I guess I am stuck in some sort of perpetual rush. Perhaps this is why I am such a fan of short stories. Let us hope that this blog is an exception to my quick minded ways.

 'Til next time.

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